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Get a 1-1 private coaching and mentoring session with Andrea, four times Microsoft C# MVP, Lead Software Engineer, and .NET Community Lead.

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200+ practical hands-on C# videos with quizzes

Offline access to videos and all source code

Weekly new videos on C# and .NET technologies

Weekly newsletter with C# and .NET articles

Productive C# certifications on course completion

Free JetBrains license (Rider, ReSharper, ...)

Monthly raffles to win free licenses and books from sponsors (Manning, PostSharp, Telerik, OzCode, ...)

Developer Books Summaries

Private members-only community

Live Monthly Mastermind Sessions (Recorded)

Unlimited access to Andrea via emails

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What our members say


Matteo Baglini
Software Craftsman

I'm a seasoned C# developer and I am always looking for an easy way to stay up-to-date with the many features offered by the language and the .NET platform. The productive C# membership delivers this and more. The short and practical videos are another tool in the belt of the programmer who wants to improve his coding skills. Andrea has an amazing ability to explain complex topics in a concise way. He really loves coding, teaching and his passion can be very contagious!

Corinne Perry
.NET Developer

What I like about Andrea’s Productive C# is being able to get the latest features/technologies in C# and .NET on a weekly basis. He gives small videos of these features with code examples and links to the latest articles/reports on these technologies. He condenses it down for you so you do not have to do the searching on the internet. And he shows a genuine interest in you learning these technologies.

Alexey Shestialtynov
Software Engineer

Andrea can explain complex topics in short and useful videos and keeps me informed about all the latest .NET news with his frequent reports.

Tom Gauden
Project Manager

I love the practical C# videos, the regular news and resources shared by Andrea. I really like the ability to download the code from the videos and take my time to understand it and become a more productive developer. The Productive C# membership is a great place to keep my mind fresh on coding

Nicola Baglini
Senior Developer

Everyone will tell you how smart and knowledgeable Andrea is. His videos and articles have been enormously useful in shaping, testing, and refining my own approach to software development. He is an exceptional teacher and the Productive C# membership is just proof of it. Andrea is one of the best software craftsmen I’ve ever met.

Vadzim Papou
.NET Developer

I found Andrea's Productive C# website when I was hitting a limit on my professional growth. I came to realize that I needed a good mentor who could push and guide me to the next level, and Andrea perfectly fits that description. He's very focused on practice and very helpful in answering all my questions. I enjoy receiving his short digests with the latest news in the .NET world and being part of a community of like-minded people to help grow my skills. This is why I've chosen to be a lifetime member of the Productive C# membership.